Amjad khan with 13th president

Amjad Khan, an International Boxing promoter and Founder of Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation and Director Amjad Khan boxing training center and Telnet partner   super boxing league had meeting with 13th President of India, Honorable Pranab  Mukherjee. KING Amjad khan promoter

वर्ल्ड बॉक्सिंग कनवेंशन में भारत की तरफ से अमजद खान ने दिखाया पराक्रम

Amjad Khan has been encouraged and appreciated for his service to promote boxing amongst less privilege youth in India. Amjad Khan shared about his boxing foundation that is working for the welfare of boxers and promotions of boxing Sports to encourage less privilege youth for creating their interest in boxing to bring self discipline in life as well as making our country proud by winning medals in International competitions and joining India defense forces. KING Amjad khan promoter

The Foundation aims to create not-for-profit boxing training facility for passionate youth in Govt school campus which will make path for less privilege youth to participate State and National level competitions. KING Amjad khan promoter

The fully or partially funded opportunities to less privilege sports person for boxing training as well as sports scholarship opportunity through CSR to skilled boxers to prepare for boxing championships in Commonwealth, Olympic Games, World Boxing Championship, and in Professional league Championships. KING Amjad khan promoter

त्वचा निखारने के लिए एलोवेरा का भी बाप है नागफेनी

The objective of the Boxing Facility in govt Schools is to offer an opportunity for maximum development of youth talent through boxing training and nurturing of their skills in this emerging sport in India