study plan for HTET 2020 Exam

1-month study plan for HTET 2020 Exam

The Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test [HTET] is a teacher recruitment examination for posts of Primary Teacher [PT], Trained Graduate Test [TGT] and post-Graduate Test [PGT at Haryana state schools. Conducted by the Board of Secondary Education Haryana [BSEH], it is expected to be held on the November 21st and 22nd 2020.

The HTET 2020 recruitment process consists of three stages, namely, Written Test [80% weightage], Interview [12% weightage] and teaching Experience [8% weightage]. In this article, we present a week-by-week 1-month study plan along with some of the best tips for HTET.

How to Crack the HTET exam: Pattern

The HTET 2020is an offline-based exam comprising of 150 objective-based questions. The following table explains the syllabus of the exam concerningPT [Class 1-5], TGT [Class 6-8] and PGT [Class 9-12]. Negative marking is not applicable and the total time duration is 2 hours 30 minutes.

HTET 2020SectionsQuestionsMarks
Child Development and Pedagogy3030
Mathematics [Or Optional Subjects for TGT (Level 2)]*3030
Environmental Studies [Or Optional Subjects for PGT (Level 3)]*3030
Language [Hindi]1515
Language [English]1515
General Studies [Quantitative Aptitude]1010
General Studies [Reasoning Ability]1010
General Studies [Haryana GK]1010

*For TGT [Level 2] and PGT [Level 3], both EVS and Mathematics [60 marks in total] is replaced by Science/Social Science/Other subjects. Refer to the official notification for more details.

How to Crack HTET exam: Week wise Study Table

Given below is a week-by-week distribution of the topics in various sections that you must cover to be ready for the exam which is followed by the best tips for HTET. Complement your books with HTET preparation online resources to get the best out of this table.

Week 1Child Development & Pedagogy [CDG] Development and relationship with learning,Principles of development of children, Inclusive education and understanding children with special needs,Addressing learners from diverse backgrounds, Learning & Pedagogy, How Children Think and learn, Motivation and learning, Factors affecting learning [personal & environmental], etc. General Studies [Reasoning] Inequalities, Arrangements, Venn Diagrams Coding-Decoding, Clocks, Puzzles, Seating Arrangement, Dates & Calendars, Order & Rankings, Blood Relation, Directions, Cause & Effect, Assertion & Reason, etc.
End of Week 11 CDG Test + 1 General Studies [Reasoning] Test + 1 Mock Test [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 2MathematicsOr Optional Subject Number System, BODMAS, Geometry, Shapes and Spatial Understanding, Logical thinking, Language of mathematics, Understanding Children’s thinking styles and patterns, Community mathematics, problems of teaching, etc.  General Studies [Quant] Ratio & Proportion, Number System, Speed & Distance, Simplification, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Averages, Functions &Linear Equations, Series, Simple & Compound Interest, Probability, Data Interpretation, Geometry, Permutation & Combination, etc.
End of Week 21 Mathematics/Optional Subject Test + 1 General Studies [Quant] Test+ 1 Mock Test [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 3Language [Hindi & English] Reading Comprehension, English grammar, Pedagogy of Language Development, Language teaching principles, language skills, teaching-learning materials, challenges of teaching language, remedial teaching, evaluating language comprehension & proficiency etc.General Studies [Haryana GK] Haryana history & culture, Haryana economy and major policies, political structure, environment, geography, general science.
End of Week 31 Indian Polity Test + 1 Indian Economy Test + 1 General Science Test + 1 Mock Test [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 4 [Day 1st-Day 3rd]Environmental Studies [EVS] OR Optional Subject Relationships, Family and Foods, work and play, Components of environment and other major terms, Scope & significance of EVS, Importance of environmental education, teaching approaches, pedagogical issues, practical projects, discussion.Revise important topics of Child Development and Pedagogy, Language [Hindi/English], General Studies, Mathematics/Optional Subject, EVS/Optional Subject
1 EVS Test + 2 Mock Tests [You can alternate as per your suitability]
Week 4 [Day 4th-Day 6th]Brush up crucial topics from Child Development & Pedagogy, attempt one Reading Comprehension passages of English and Hindi and one short General Studies Test. Keep analysing your mock tests. Refresh essential formulae and strategies for General Studies [Quant & Reasoning]. Revise Haryana GK. Do not touch new topics. Attempt one to two timed mock tests every day until the Week 4 Day 6. After that, don’t attempt tests.
Exam DayAce your exam.

How to crack HTET exam: HTET Preparation Tips

  • One of the best tips for HTET exam is to make use of the above table in a flexible manner. Move the section you are comfortable in at the starting days and bolster it with topic tests. Then, move gradually towards the other topics.
  • Given the vast nature of the syllabus and the current lockdown constraint, make effective use of as much HTET preparation online resources as you can. Attempt online topic and mock tests, attend assessment and feedback session along with frequent puzzles and quizzes. Further such HTET preparation online materials as tutorials, video lessons, explainer videos and diagrams boost memory and recall skills. This is one of the most important HTET preparation tips.
  • Child Development and Pedagogy is one of the most important and complex sections on the HTET 2020 exam. With intricate topics like learning process, teaching pedagogy, teaching assessment, etc., you must learn to see through the eyes of a teacher rather than a student. Brush up crucial keywords like intelligence, gender, etc. from time to time. A score of 17-24 on this section is considered good. This is one of the best tips for HTET.
  • The Language sections [Hindi & English] require a solid grasp not only over grammar and composition but also an overview of the teaching and learning process of language. Keep referring to HTET preparation online resources for the latest material.
  • The General Studies section [30 marks in total] is also quite diverse. While Reasoning and Quant are generic topics, Haryana GK section requires you to be abreast of the historical,economic, cultural and geographical conditions of the state of Haryana. One of the best HTET preparation tips is to refer to local newspapers, magazines and government debates.
  • To manage your time efficiently, one of the best HTET preparation tips is to start with the General Studies section, then move onto Child Development and Pedagogy section. After that, attempt Language [Hindi/English]. Complete the EVS and Mathematics sections or Optional Subjects. You can interchange the sections as per your wish. You have 150 minutes to attempt 150 questions which essentially becomes 1 question per minute.

The best way to answer the ‘how to crack the HTET exam’ question is by being confident and trusting your abilities. Don’t panic and give your best.

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